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Dr. Nicolaas Reijne, DVM

Dr. Nicolaas was born and raised on one of the islands of Holland. In a village where there are more animals than people, the local veterinarian played a vital role in the community. This prompted Dr. Nicolass to enter the Dutch Veterinary University. In 1997 Dr. Nicolaas completed his veterinary studies and earned his veterinary degree from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Wanting to advance his veterinary knowledge, skills, and life experience he then obtained his license, after a short preparation, at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1998.

Dr. Nicolaas has had an exciting time with his veterinary career including working as a self-employed veterinary surgeon, collecting and synthesizing scientific medical information in Holland and medical research in Italy. He worked for a brief time in a mixed animal practice in Alberta, Canada before moving to Los Angeles, CA. While in Los Angeles he worked for three small animal practices, one of which was an opportunity to work for a year and a half in the specialty field of cats. Ever open to new experiences Dr. Nicolaas then transferred his interest to the Emergency Medical Field where he worked closely for four years with Veterinary specialists.

Dr. Nicolaas brings with him a well–rounded background of working in the veterinary medical field. We thank you for your continued confidence and trust and view this as an opportunity to make Cedar Veterinary Hospital even more accessible to your needs.

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Dr. Ralph Madsen, DVM

A Del Rey, CA. native, Dr. Madsen earned his bachelor's degree in animal science with a minor in biology from California State University. He went on to the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine where he earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. He has a special interest in internal medicine and is USDA accredited. Dr. Madsen has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 25 years in the San Joaquin Valley. At home, Dr. Madsen cares for his cat (Felix) and an Australian shepherd/Border Collie mix (Rufus). He has a son, Jacob, who shares his father's interests in tennis and computer games. Dr. Madsen also enjoys crossword puzzles and Sudoku.

fresno veterinarian

Dr. Dimitar Palikarov, DVM

Dr. Palikarov joined the Cedar Veterinarian team in November 2017. He was born and raised in Bulgaria. He graduated from Trakian University, Bulargia in 2012. Dr. Palikarov finished the VSTEP (Veterinary Skills Training and Enhancement Program) at Guelph University in 2015. Dr. Palikarov interests are in veterinary surgery and emergency medicine. Before joining Cedar Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Palikarov practiced in Sofia, Bulgaria for five years. In his down time he likes to spend time with his wife who is also a veterinarian from Bulgaria. Together they have one dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer named Siren. Dr. Palikarov also enjoys freestyle snowboarding and reading novels.

fresno veterinarian

Dr. Angelica Reyes, DVM

Dr. Reyes was born in San Francisco but grew up locally in Fresno. Following her ambition and love for animals, she pursued an education and career in Veterinarian medicine. She traveled out of state to attend Auburn University in Alabama where she received her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.

Prior to joining Cedar Veterinarian Hospital in November 2017, Dr. Reyes put her knowledge and skills to use at practices in Alabama and Georgia. When she is not at work, she spends her time reading and going for runs. At home she has a husband and 2 children as well as fur covered children (three dogs and three cats.)